Olive oil in cosmetics: when nature is an ally of your body

Since ancient times Egyptians, Arabs and Phoenicians used olive oil in cosmetics. This natural ointment was the main ingredient to real beauty treatments which were prepared to be applied to the face and body skin and to strengthen nails and hair. Even today there are several EVO oil-based products on the market, through which you can fully enjoy all the beneficial properties of this ingredient, without the risk of allergies or irritation. Discover the many uses of olive oil, its cosmetic properties and the benefits for your beauty routine.

Olive oil on the body skin

ince ancient times man has learned to appreciate the cosmetic properties of Olea europaea fruit oil (scientific name of olive oil), a compound obtained from the cold pressing of olives. Known in particular for its moisturizing, nourishing and emollient effects, this natural extract is a real cure-all that helps you get smooth and velvety skin.

Creams, lotions and all products based on this substance deeply nourish the epidermis, fight dryness and the signs of ageing.

  • Cosmetics with olive oil also have a soothing and repairing action against burns, erythema and sunburns: they are therefore excellent after exposure to the sun or after a tanning lamp. They are also useful for those with sensitive skin, especially if characterized by skin problems (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.).

Olive oil-based products for the face

The use of olive oil has numerous beneficial effects on the face too. Are you looking for a remedy against dry and dehydrated skin? You can solve your problem with an EVO oil cream: by applying it every morning and every night, you will immediately notice its nourishing action.
You can also use olive oil balms on the lips to keep them hydrated.
Olive oil restores elasticity and softness of the skin, reduces redness and gives your face a radiant appearance. Furthermore, like wine-based cosmetics, it creates a filter that protects against the damage caused by free radicals that are formed due to stress and smog, and contributes to the restoration of the skin barrier.

benefici dell'Olio di oliva sulla pelle del corpo

Olive oil treatments for hair

The cosmetic properties of olive oil are also effective on the scalp. Applying a shampoo made with this natural substance improves the shine and combability of the hair and makes it softer to the touch.
Thus, is olive oil good for your hair? Of course, especially for those who have dry or brittle hair or for those who have sensitive and irritated scalp and cannot stand the aggressive substances present in most shampoos on the market.
EVO oil-based products are also suitable for frequent use, thanks to their extreme delicacy and natural and non-aggressive washing agents.

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