Natural cosmetics produced with selected ingredients

VitaLake produces natural cosmetics made with ingredients coming exclusively from the Lake Garda area.

  • The lemons of the Riviera, whose juice has unique properties, which promote skin regeneration and regulate excess sebum.
  • The Garda Evo oil, moisturizing and nourishing, especially suitable for dry, sensitive and reddened skin
  • The Bardolino wine, from which are extracted natural antioxidants that give cosmetics an effective anti-ageing action

VitaLake can now boast eighteen cosmetic creations, authentic and precious allies of wellness and beauty.

Produzione cosmetici naturali con materie prime selezionate

Cosmetic science and Lake Garda

Lucia Cussolotto is the founder of VitaLake. A pharmacist with a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Lucia has always had two great passions: cosmetic science and her birthplace, Lake Garda. After several years working for companies in the cosmetic field and an inspiring journey, she had the intuition to combine these interests in a unique project: a line of natural cosmetics entirely dedicated to the Garda area and its local products.

This is how VitaLake was born, a company that deals with the production of natural cosmetics starting from the traditional ingredients that the Garda area gifts to its inhabitants.

  • Authentic ingredients from Lake Garda
  • Effective, natural and safe formulations
  • Packaging and materials that respect the environment

The brand fully reflects the lifestyle and values ​​of its founder: authenticity, sobriety, respect.

To support Lucia there is a talented and close-knit team that has shared this journey with her from the very beginning, with enthusiasm and dedication.

Il team capace e affiatato di Vitalake mentre è presente a un mercatino su Lago di Garda
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Natural cosmetics: from the selection of the ingredients to packaging

We choose our suppliers from the local companies located in the Garda area, ensuring that, like us, they are attentive to the quality of the products and respectful of the environment.
We personally take care of the collection of the ingredients, which we then deliver to the laboratory where the natural cosmetics are produced and packaged.

All VitaLake products are free from parabens, SLS, SLES (sulphates), petrolatum and petroleum derivatives, artificial colours and perfumes and are NOT tested on animals.
Our ecological choice is not limited to the main ingredients but it also extends to packaging.
We gave up the external box, the first thing to be thrown away when buying a cosmetic, opting instead for eco-friendly solutions that can be used again. The same applies to bottles and tubs, which are recyclable and reusable to collect, store and order.

olive oil is used in natural cosmetics for its emollient and regenerative propertiesThe Garda Riviera lemons have a high content of citric acid, are rich in vitamin C and A,

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