Italian Natural cosmetics from Lake Garda

Your inner well-being is connected with the ingredients and products you use for body care. Cosmetics made with natural ingredients contain all the unique properties of the earth’s products and transpose them into cream, lotions and shampoo. For our Italian natural cosmetic lines, we have selected ingredients coming exclusively from Lake Garda, which moisturize, give brightness and nourish the skin and transfer the essences and aromas of this enchanted place to your bod

Why did we choose Lake Garda? Because it is the place where we were born and grew up, and where we live today: a unique and fascinating territory, with special climatic and geomorphological characteristics that favour the growth of ingredients with high cosmetic properties.

Garda grapes, oil and lemons for natural cosmetics

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Located in the northern part of the peninsula, it touches three different cities in three different regions: Verona (Veneto), Brescia (Lombardy) and Trento (Trentino Alto-Adige).

The enchanted landscape, the healthy air, the perfumes, the colours and the essences of this magnificent territory, praised by poets and writers since ancient times, are enclosed in the natural products that grow on the shores of the lake.

The whole Lake Garda coast is characterized by a mild climate that favours the growth of lush vegetation and the cultivation of vineyards, olive groves and lemon groves that offer abundant fruit.

The Garda area is famous for its wines, one above all the Bardolino D.O.C.G. that we use in our line based on grape extract , and for its extra virgin olive oil, a fundamental ingredient to create natural cosmetics that nourish and moisturize the skin.

In the areas of Torri del Benaco (Verona side) and Gargnano (Brescia side), grow the northernmost lemon trees of the world. The environmental characteristics of this part of the Riviera mean that the plants, but above all the fruits, are more resistant and rich in unique and distinctive properties, which are then transferred to the VitaLake cosmetics , which use just the lemon juice as the main ingredient.

For all these reasons, we have chosen the best ingredients that Lake Garda gives us for our cosmetic products: lemons, olive oil and grapes. These food excellences have prodigious beneficial effects on the skin and exceptional healing properties, which VitaLake knows how to transform into natural, safe and effective cosmetic products.

Garda grapes, oil and lemons for natural cosmeticsUva, olio e limoni del Garda per la cosmesi naturale
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