Olive oil is good for hair: here are all the ways you can use this miraculous ingredient (and not just in the kitchen)

The extraordinary cosmetic properties of olive oil, furthermore if it is extra virgin, have been known since the time of the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. It is not just its use in the kitchen: we are talking about a real panacea for the body and the hair. That’s right: olive oil is good for hair because it is a versatile ingredient that can be used in DIY solutions or that you can find in the best natural cosmetic products.

Properties of EVO oil

Among the natural elements that you can use for your beauty routine, olive oil is among the most effective because it is composed of:

  • Vitamin A, which prevents ageing;
  • Vitamin E, with a strong antioxidant power;
  • Fatty acids, which can boast moisturizing action.

Discover all the cosmetic properties of the EVO oil in this article.
Using olive oil on hair you can give a clean cut to the damage of external agents such as smog, humidity and dyes and help you say goodbye to brittle hair. Thanks to the properties contained in this precious ingredient, your hair will be soft, healthy and nourished.

Olio di oliva sui capelli: soluzioni casalinghe

Olive oil and hair: homemade solutions

To get the maximum benefit from EVO oil you can try preparing hair treatments like masks and homemade balms, by mixing simple ingredients that you surely already have in your pantry.
This is the case, for example, of the oil and honey hair mask with a restructuring action. Mix these ingredients with an egg, apply to dry hair and cover with kitchen film during the wait. After 15 minutes from the laying, proceed with your usual shampoo routine: your hair will immediately return shiny, soft and full-bodied.
Or, more simply, you can heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave and spread it on the lengths. After 10-15 minutes with pure oil in the hair, rinse thoroughly and proceed with washing. You will immediately notice the positive effects of this natural balm: applying olive oil on damaged hair is an excellent remedy.

Olive oil-based cosmetic products for damaged hair

If you want to play it safe, you can rely on a wide range of extra virgin olive oil cosmetics. Their natural ingredients can give hair a new life and are suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin and children.
The VitaLake EVO Oil Line includes the Shower Shampoo with a moisturizing and detangling action. Suitable for all skin types, even for frequent uses, this shampoo makes the hair shine and soft to the touch.
Want to find out if olive oil is really good for your hair? Try the Vitalake shower shampoo, also available in mini-size, and say goodbye forever to dry and brittle hair.