Body cream for very dry skin made with olive oil: discover the benefits

During Winter, the skin of the body suffers, loses tone and elasticity and must be correctly taken care of: that’s why you need a body cream for very dry skin. Don’t worry, there is no need to turn to expensive chemical cosmetics. Many of the natural ingredients that we use every day, such as olive oil, contain nourishing properties that make them ideal remedies for dry skin and much more.

Causes of dry skin

Why does the skin dry out? There are several causes:

  1. External, which affect the skin barrier, make it thinner and therefore more fragile. We mean climatic and environmental factors, such as long exposure to the sun, but also smoking, living conditions and dehydration.
  2. Internal, which correspond with the loss of the lipid layer on the surface of the epidermis, therefore with the loss of fluids. This may be due to several factors, such as age, genetics and poor nutrition.

To find the right dry skin body creams it is useful to find out also the symptoms of this problem, so as to find the most suitable product for you.

Symptoms of dry skin

Depending on the degree of dryness, the skin of your body can appear dry, chapped, scaly, rough and very tight. But it’s not just an aesthetic factor: the most annoying symptom of dry skin is itching.

It is therefore important to choose the right body moisturizer to relieve and at the same time solve your problem.

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Dry skin natural remedies: EVO oil

In addition to being always available in your pantry, olive oil is also an excellent ally of the skin. This ingredient is excellent for fighting dry skin because it has natural emollient and moisturizing properties, perfect remedies for dry and sensitive skin.
EVO oil in cosmetics has many benefits: it deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, soothes skin imperfections and, contrary to what one might think, does not grease and absorbs perfectly.
Body creams for very dry skin made with olive oil are perfect for the body, but also for those with dry and scaly face skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, the oil deeply nourishes, does not weigh down, gives shine and tone to the skin.

Try now the moisturizing and ultra-nourishing body cream from the VitaLake EVO Oil line and fight dry and sensitive skin!