Wine treatments for a young, tonic and elastic skin

Massages, wine baths and anti-age masks with grapeseed and grape peel: wine treatments are many. You can choose them to smooth out expression wrinkles, to purify the body and eliminate toxins or just to give yourself a moment of relaxation and wellbeing surrounded by the heady scents of this nectar. The secret is in the substances contained in the grapes, with which it is possible to create antioxidant creams for the face and body, scrubs, serums and face masks to give you a tonic and luminous skin.

What is wine therapy

Wine therapy is a set of practices and beauty treatments that employ the active ingredients and detoxifying properties of grapes. It started in the late nineties, in the Bordeaux area, thanks to Mathilde Cathiard Thomas, daughter of winemakers who decided to devote herself to the production of creams and cosmetics based on grapes and grape seeds.
Today, wine therapy is widespread also in Italy, where an increasing number of spas and wellness centres carry out wine treatments, especially in areas dedicated to the cultivation of vines, such as our beloved Lake Garda.

The benefits of wine on the skin

The cosmetic properties of grapes were already well-known in ancient times. The Egyptians used a special cream with wine to calm the pain, while the Romans used the must from the harvest for emollient massages and to heal wounds.
These beneficial effects are due to the multiple substances contained in the grapes:

  • Resveratrol, a natural antioxidant contained in the grape skin that helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles
  • Polyphenols, which keep the skin elastic by helping cell oxygenation and protecting it from the action of free radicals;
  • Anthocyanins and tannins with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which, with their vasoprotective and vasoconstrictive action, contribute to improving the microcirculation;
  • Alpha hydroxy acids that penetrate the superficial layers of the skin, eliminating dead cells and promoting regeneration;
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and PP, essential for the maintenance and integrity of the skin;
  • Pectin, with emollient and moisturizing action;
  • Sugars and mineral salts (potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, silica, sodium and iron oxide), which nourish the skin and delay ageing;

Natural cosmetics and wine treatments

Those who work with natural cosmetics are always looking for unique and special ingredients with which to make truly effective beauty products. Wine, or rather grapes, is one of these. With the berries and the juice resulting from their squeezing, it is possible to create cosmetics suitable for all skin types: from exfoliating creams for a soft and velvety skin, to the eye contour gel, excellent for relaxing the so-called “crow’s feet”, those fine wrinkles that form at the side of the eye, passing through smoothing scrubs and plumping masks.

TheLa spa Dhara Wellness spa of Brenzone sul Garda, located within the Belfiore Park Hotel, offers treatments with “green products”, i.e. based on plant, natural and safe ingredients. For the “Profumi di Lago” massage, for example, VitaLake products based on olive oil, Bardolino wine and lemons are used. A truly unique combination, which ensures a gentle and delicate massage on the whole body, with a regenerating and exfoliating action.

f you want to try wine treatments directly at your home, buy here our products made with Bardolino DOCG Superiore from Lake Garda.